Briefly describe your professional career:

Samuel Pimentel: I have more than 25 years’ experience in the management of Executive Search companies. Before founding and chairing Ackermann International, I held various management positions at international firms such as Accetis International, Alexandermann Group and Nicholson International. I have lived in France, Italy, Switzerland and Asia.

Do you remember the first day of Ackermann International?

S.P: I will never forget that meeting where a group of professionals decided to found Ackermann. The giddiness I felt when I decided to leave the multinational company where I was working to start my own project was enormous, but even more so the thrill of creating a company from scratch and the trust in the partners with whom I was embarking on the adventure. These sensations – both the giddiness, as well as the thrill and trust in my partners – are still intact, have been with me ever since and are the feelings that remind me every day that we can still do more and do it better, and the ones that motivate me to do so.

What are the key strengths of Ackerman in the market?

S.P: First, the fact that it is a multinational company with 36 offices all over the world, these market and talent diversities enable us to cover any customer need in any business area and any area of the world. Second, our dedication to customers. We are 100% dedicated to client’s success. Our focus is to provide the client the service it needs to be excel in its business and to that end, we focus in efficiency and excellence, we adapt every day to new environments and integrate the latest trends to our work.

“Our focus is to provide the client the service it needs to be excel in its business”


Briefly describe your work

S.P: In addition to my responsibility as CEO of the Ackemann International group, I have direct responsibility for the Spain and Latin America region, which includes 8 countries.

What do you find most satisfying about your current job?

S.P: I like my job very much because it involves two areas of responsibility that I really love: business development and business management, and because of the international context in which I have work. I really enjoy challenges – at Ackermann International we have plenty of them – and with the dynamism we have achieved, they are now part of our company’s spirit. I also enjoy the contact with people – customers, candidates and, of course, employees. The job of consultant is another part of our work that I have always enjoyed, although because of my current responsibilities, I can’t devote much time to it.

What are Ackeman International current main goals?

S.P: Our goal is to continue expand our company and help clients develop their businesses in the global environment. We want to keep working close to them wherever they are and being flexible to adapt to their business needs.

In addition, after our acquisition of part of the capital of SpenglerFox in 2017 another of my objectives is to successfully integrate both companies. With 36 offices and a team of more than 200 consultants spread over 4 continents, the main challenge of my work is to create a single company, with the same culture and values and in which all the teams work as one.

How did you move into the Executive Search, Selection and HR Consultancy sector?

S.P: I admit it was by chance, I came up against the world of HR after completing an ICEX internship when I had already felt the urge to work in a multinational environment. Human Resources gave me the opportunity to continue developing my international profile and also my commercial skills, while at the same time giving me the chance to discover a new sector and professional area. What more could I ask for?

What the aspects of HR that first grabbed your attention?

S.P: I guess the complexity of the work… the degree of difficulty, the demands and the efficiency our work involves. Each project assigned is unique and complex; it requires us a high level of knowledge, a strategic approach and negotiation skills; high doses of creativity, flexibility, integrity and excellence… Every project is tremendously challenging and demanding, and that’s why when we reach the end of the process and get the paths of the candidate and company to cross, the satisfaction we feel is immense

After so many years in this area, do you have any favorite projects?

S.P: It’s very difficult to choose just one. What I do know for sure is that Ackermann International itself is on the list of the most important and satisfactory, and having managed to turn a Spanish entrepreneurial project initiated in 2009, in the depths of the economic crisis, into a multinational company operating on 4 continents, and also having managed to bring together a team of more than 200 professionals who do the most extraordinary things.

Ten years from now, how do you see the labor market, and more specifically, the selection and management of people?

S.P: It is clear that technology will continue to transform the labor market and clearly, the selection and management of people, however, I believe that tailored approach, strategic view, creativity and trust are attributes that are going to be even more important in this changing environment, this will make our work even more complex and important that what it is today.

A tip for companies that want to attract the best talent?

S.P: To focus on their employer branding and, above all, to put a lot of effort into building the best possible team because talent attracts talent, and employees who are throroughly engaged are the best brand ambassadors.

“Talent attracts talent and employees who are throroughly engaged are the best brand ambassadors”


Another for managers and professionals who are looking for new challenges?

S.P: Flexibility, learning agility, mobility, languages…  

What are the flaws any management should avoid?  

S.P: Lack of results, lack of humility -because this is a crucial quality to be able to learn, grow and develop- and lack of capacity for leadership.

What should a customer expect to find when requesting services from a company like yours?

S.P: The international model, the methodology and the team. It is essential for the consultant to have a perfect understanding of the client’s needs and to be able to provide advice from a business point of view.


How would you describe yourself?

S.P: As a passionate and positive person who believes in people and always tries to go through life with a sense of humor as a travelling companion.

What quality do you most admire in people?

S.P: There are three qualities I greatly admire: passion for what you do, humility and a sense of humor

What do you like to do in your spare time?

S.P: Outside the office, I love sharing my time with my family and friends. I also like playing piano and guitar, sport, reading. Nothing better than a good conversation over a meal and a good wine….Another of my great passions is archeology .

A mantra

S.P: With passion and talent everything is possible.